Procrastination in buying

There are basically four different obstacles when asking for the sale.

1. Value- they don’t see that there is a high enough value to make an immediate purchase. This either needs to be worth three times its value, top of their priority list in life, or emotionally driven. After this obstacle is given you want to go back and not only establish the value but either find some missing value or be creative and logically create value for them in their unique situation.

2. Fear/ distrust- they don’t trust you as a salesman or the purchase is too high a risk compared to value. The way you overcome this obstacle is with testimonies, proofs, and other provable facts.

3. Competition- they want to see if they can get a similar product/ service at a better price. Express your uniqueness and value, and if value is greater than price most of the time price is really not an issue.

4. And lastly, which is the most prevalent, procrastination!

Most of the time they see value, know they will be better off with your product or service, and they understand your uniqueness compared to other companies and how it may fit them better. Procrastination is always overcome with persistence (continued-asking for the sale). Your job is to quickly evaluate which obstacle it is. Skill is needed as a salesman when most of the time it is a ‘hidden’ objective or a combination of a few of these. But with knowledge, wisdom and persistence you should be able to see past most of them.

Procrastination could be for many reasons. There is always pain associated with spending money for a logical purchase. To overcome procrastination the emotion with logic needs to be present during the sale. You know when they are procrastinate when you hear them say a lot of “I should” or they say they are defiantly going to buy but say every excuse in the book to put it off till later in the day, a few more minutes, or tomorrow. You must ask when they are in front of you, at their emotional peek, and get more than just their ‘word.’ They are usually quick to say they need this logically but they are emotionally far away.  You want to look them square in the eyes, be honest, and help them say to themselves that they are going to do this, nothing is going to stop them and emotionally encourage them to make the change “today!” They will be glad you did. Although you don’t want to ask someone to be hasty with their purchase (this usually is shown in the buyers remorse) you do want them to logically and thoroughly deciding through facts that this purchase is going to benefit them. When this is accomplished the buyer will usually come back and thank you months or even years later!


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