Constitution – Protect your “parental rights”!!!

Many of you are not aware that the individual Sates and the Nation is in a constant struggle regarding your constitutional rights as a parent.

The Constitution is the “law of land” and it protects you as a United States citizen. Under the 14th Amendment, your parental rights is protected under “liberty”. That means, the United States recognizes that the rights to your child is not a perk but a God given right. The United States realizes that “NO ONE” can take away your rights to your children. That is, your rights are for the “care, control and maintenance” of YOUR child.

This means – that “custody” is the “control” of your child.

But sadly, many States do not obey the Constitution and claim that under the “Best Interest of the Child” standards that they are able to superseded your rights and authority of your child. The State does not have power or jurisdiction to take away your kids from you according to the Constitution and your God given rights! For, a parent knows what is best for their children, not the state.

According to Scripture, a parent can forsake their children and put them up for adoption, as we are adopted into the body of Christ, but a parents rights have to be given away. They can not be taken away, against their will or by blackmail.

When going through your divorce trial (mother OR father) when your custody is being in questioned, demand that your rights as a parent be protected under the 1st, 4th, and 14th Amendment. If you do, this will be appealable when they say your unfit or take away your legal custody. States HATE your constitutional rights because it barks against their complete (“in” house) authority as a state, but the Supreme Courts LOVE your constitution rights and wish to uphold them whenever possible holding onto larger principles.

Now, unfortunately, this demonic “Best Interests of the Child” laws are even greater a concern than what we were expecting. Under the Article 3 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child they are saying that the law givers have greater authority than parents “all around the world”. This is like the Child Protection Service on Steroids. It is as if someone were to come into your house and feel that they could serve the interests of your child better than you can.


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